The United States government is calling it a “humanitarian crisis”. Over 50 thousand children have crossed the border since October.

These children are coming over in droves, unaccompanied by parents or family members. That number is expected to double by Christmas. Can you imagine? 100 thousand orphaned children crossing the border looking for an escape from the violence and the poverty of Central America. The US government doesn’t know how to respond. They are doing the best that they can, but they are also looking toward the Church for help.

It was no accident that I was there last week leading a team in home repair projects. While there I also scouted out different areas of need in the city of McAllen. Right now, there are many opportunities that Mission Discovery can get involved. God spoke to me in a very powerful way as I was developing these ideas.

Last Sunday I went to volunteer at the Catholic church in McAllen. This is the church that is taking care of many of the migrants that are being dropped off at a local bus station with no food, water or clothing. These are people that have been traveling throu