Most people who are called to youth ministry pay a ton of money for education. A lot of youth ministers spend years paying off school debt because they never found a program that would help them. Mission Discovery has partnered up with Center for Youth Ministry Training (CYMT) and encourages all of our students to pursue their calling DEBT FREE!


CYMT offers a debt-free, 3-year Graduate Residency for those called to youth ministry. Graduate Residents gain experience by being placed in a local church to serve as their youth minister while earning a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry through one of our partner seminaries. Residents receive full scholarship for tuition, books, housing, and utilities, as well as a $1000/month stipend. As the largest graduate program focused in youth ministry in the country, CYMT makes it their mission to equip youth ministers theologically in the classroom, vocationally in the local church, and emotionally through personal coaching and peer interaction.


Here’s what others who went through the CYMT program think:

“CYMT provides a safe community that offers a empathetic voice that says, “me too.” In the same way that we strive to surround our students to know and experience that they are not alone, CYMT reminds us that we are not alone in our jobs as youth ministers.”   – Anna Wheeler, CYMT Alumna 2015

“CYMT affirmed my call to ministry, taught me what theologically grounded GOOD ministry looked like, and supported me through challenging years.”   – Rev. Carlisle Jones, class of 2015

“CYMT has allowed me to learn from diverse individuals in diverse communities. This learning has changed how I understand God’s world and how I minister to students.”   – Philip Galyon, class of 2015

If you or someone you know are interested in this program click the link below!