“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Theresa

There is redemption in a smile! Last month, Montego Bay was blessed with free dental care from Mission Discovery’s dental team out of Pennsylvania. In one week they relieved the pain of over 100 people, and brightened the busy streets with beautiful new smiles!

Another team labored in the hot sun to finish a roof for The Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf. As the school continues to expand and give life to a community of often ignored, and sometimes abused children with disabilities, the vision of this building has become a race to the finish. It will be used for classrooms that can be broken down and transformed into a large meeting area. I love serving at this school as it’s administrators work to give children a brighter future.

Our teams also served at an orphanage. I visited, and was handed Renee, a 3 month old baby girl who’s mother had passed away. Even as I type this I am full of tears. I felt her heart, it was heavy. I am excited to watch her smile grow over the next few years as Mission Discovery teams continue to flood that place with love, peace and joy.

In January, Mission Discovery was focused on the gift of a smile. It was breathtaking.

Question: Is your heart on fire?

In Luke 24, after Jesus has talked with a couple of guys walking down the street, they ask themselves, “Didn’t our hearts burn within us as he spoke to us on the road?” Is Jesus speaking to you? Is your heart burning inside of you? Come along! I want you to join me. Together, we can continue to bring smiles to the streets of Jamaica. We can bring even more homes to families in Mexico and Guatemala. My work with Mission Discovery depends on you! I cannot survive without your prayers and support. Before you leave this page say a prayer. How will God use you?

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“I took home a new passion for missions that I didn’t have before, tons of new relationships and friendships… I think most importantly a new view of the way God works through us, causing me to want to know Him more.”

-Everette Phillips

“God taught me that our material wealth is our spiritual poverty. I’m working on identifying my area of poverty, taking action, and giving. Watching what God will do.”

-Tasha Schnell

“I am so thankful that we were able to share this trip together as a family!! Something that touched my heart as a mom is the experience that my son had while there and hearing him tell his stories of what touched his heart and life.”

-LeAnn Deromedi

“I liked the challenges to our faith from the Mission Discovery team such as doing God sized things instead of Cory sized things.”

-Cory Sims