Jason Torrence

It was the last day of Jonathan’s short term missions trip in Guatemala. He’d been there for a week to volunteer abroad with his youth group. They’d worked on a construction project in a small village outside Antigua, replacing the roof on a local school. Most of their time had been spent working on the roof, and they hadn’t gotten to interact much with the community. Thus, everyone was excited when Greg, their youth pastor, suggested they play an evening game of basketball with some of the locals.

The game was a blast! Jonathan and the other American youth had a great time mixing it up with the adults and children from the village, and they could tell the feeling was mutual. When the game was over, Greg took the opportunity to speak to their new friends about God’s grace. Sensing their curiosity, he led them in a prayer to accept Christ as their savior. Afterward, Jonathan and his friends got back on the bus, and when Greg joined them, they greeted him with