In light of the recent wildfires ravaging Guatemala, our hearts go out to the affected communities and individuals enduring the devastating consequences of this natural disaster. As an organization deeply committed to service and global outreach, Mission Discovery stands in solidarity with the people of Guatemala during these challenging times.




Nationwide State of Calamity in Guatemala

Authorities in Guatemala have declared a nationwide state of calamity in response to the escalating threat posed by wildfires, with President Bernardo Arevalo taking swift action to address the crisis. With dozens of fires blazing across various regions, including Escuintla, Guatemala, and Peten departments, the scale of this disaster demands urgent attention and support.

Impact on Mission Trip Operations

One of the critical areas impacted by the fires is just outside Guatemala City which is about 30 miles from Antigua, Guatemala, where our annual mission trips are held. Our ministry partners in Antigua have not been affected by the Guatemalan wildfires, but they have asked that we join them in praying for rain to come soon. 

In response to this crisis, Mission Discovery is actively monitoring the situation. Our dedicated team is assessing the impact of the wildfires on our mission trip operations and implementing necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all participants.

Disruption and Urgent Needs for Guatemalan Fire Victims

The Guatemala wildfires have not only posed immediate threats to lives and property but have also resulted in significant disruptions, including the suspension of classes across several departments due to poor air quality. More than 200 individuals have sought medical treatment for respiratory issues.

As we navigate these challenging circumstances, Mission Discovery remains steadfast in our commitment to serving the people of Guatemala. Our mission trips are not only about building homes but also about fostering connections, offering hope through Jesus Christ, and standing in solidarity with communities in their time of need.

Standing with Guatemala in Solidarity and Prayer

We invite everyone to join us in prayer for the communities affected by the wildfires. Let us lift them up, asking for strength, resilience, and comfort during this challenging time.

Amidst these Guatemalan wildfires, Mission Discovery reaffirms its unwavering commitment to serving others and making a positive impact in the world. Together, we can overcome these challenges and emerge stronger, united in our shared humanity and compassion for those in need.

Join us in standing with Guatemala during this difficult time, as we continue our mission of hope, healing, and service to others.