Guatemala. Northern Ireland. Nashville. Jamaica. Arizona. And More. God has been using our mission trips to change lives and bring people closer to Him all around the world. We want to share with you a small piece of what we’ve been witnessing in each location.



Guatemala Mission Trips

In Antigua, we have already built seven houses this year. That means seven more families have the shelter they need to be safe and comfortable. We’ve also had the privilege of delivering food to hundreds of families and the honor of tutoring children in a local Christian school. 


At our medical clinic, we saw 340 patients and were able to pray over each one of them. Many of these patients were healed and gave their lives to Christ as a result of their healings. 


Here is a testimony from trip attendee and worship leader Wes Pickering: 


“One young guy came in who had pushed a woman and her child out of the way of a car. He got hit and broke his arm. The doctor and nurse on the trip said you could see where it was fractured. They told him he had to go into the city and get X-rays. He couldn’t close his hand at all and was in severe pain. Everyone was busy, and he was waiting for his meds. I sat next to him and started talking to him through Google Translate. I literally typed out the prayer. After one prayer his pain level went from like an 8 to a 6. We prayed again and it went from 6 to 2 and then again from 2 to zero. And he started opening and closing his hand with zero pain and zero restriction.⁠

I started typing in Google Translate, asking if he knew Jesus. Then the translator came over and just a few seconds in, the young guy started sobbing and crying. He repented of his sin and gave his life to Jesus. He told the translator, ‘I feel like 100 kilos just got lifted off of me!’ His tears turned to happy tears, and he kept saying, ‘Gloria a Dios! Gloria a Dios!’ (Glory to God! Glory to God!)”⁠


Northern Ireland Mission Trip

We partnered with a local ministry in Dundrum to share the Gospel and help improve tense relations between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. Student volunteers on this mission trip learned how to share their testimony to bring people to Christ. 


Mission Discovery Project Coordinator Michael Kneff shared this God sighting: 


“Towards the end of the week, I had a great conversation with one of our team members. She feels strongly that her career path is pointing her toward full-time missions. She credits the time spent in Dundrum with Mission Discovery as a big influence in this decision. She is even looking into interning with our Northern Ireland ministry partner. I feel that God was doing some very specific work on hearts that week and this student was just one of the hearts He was working on.”


Nashville Mission Trips

Here we’ve been partnering with a myriad of different ministries on projects such as clothing and food distribution, building wheelchair ramps for those with immobility issues, and repairing homes for families in need. 


Our project coordinator Courtney Carrigan said:


“One of the God sightings was writing scripture on the studs of the walls for a family house that is in the process of being gutted and remodeled. This family has 6 kids and currently lives in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house. They will move into a newly renovated 4 bed, 2 bath house later this year and our team helped demo and paint the house. It was special to cover the home with scripture and pray for the family.”


Jamaica Mission Trip

For years, we have been blessed to have a relationship with a Christian school for deaf students in Jamaica. Volunteers had the opportunity to make repairs on the school grounds and encourage students. 


When asked about God sightings he witnessed on the trip, Mission Discovery Project Coordinator Josh Clancy replied:


 “I think the biggest one is just seeing how God has used people and continued connections with JCSD and West Haven. One couple was able to purchase $650 worth of groceries for JCSD with donations people back home gave them. Another woman gave the simple gift of a watch, it was a cheap watch, but to see the girl up at West Haven smile and cherish that watch was amazing. What made the watch even more special was that it was from her friend, someone who flew thousands of miles to bring her a watch. At the end of the day she knows the watch is just a thing, but spending time with her friend, holding hands, made that moment so much sweeter.”


Arizona Mission Trip

This was Mission Discovery’s first mission trip to Phoenix, Arizona, and God provided so many new opportunities. The mission team partnered with a local food distribution ministry and provided meals for countless families. 


Project Coordinator Joshua Clancy witnessed the providence of God on this mission trip. 


“One of the teams was doing food delivery, and the woman who answered the door explained how she was hoping her husband would bring home some meat from work (he works in a meat-cutting factory), but he didn’t. What she didn’t know was God was going to send a group of teens to deliver food to her when she thought that there would be nothing to eat that night.”


More Mission Trips to Come 

We are in awe of the work God has been doing through Mission Discovery Mission Trips this year, and we know that this is just the beginning. We can’t wait to see what God does through our remaining spring and upcoming summer mission trips. Please continue to pray that He be glorified through all of our efforts.