This past week was an incredible week of ministry as a team of 67 hosted four days of medical clinics simultaneously at three locations. Over the course of the week, the team cared for 3,087 patients. The busiest location was at Pastor Vincent’s church in Cite Soleil where the team lovingly cared for large understandably impatient crowds. At Pastor Noel’s Onaville Green Church #1, the team was able to provide care to many repeat patients from previous clinics. One patient, an elderly gentleman named Joseph who has breast cancer, has been to at least four Mission Discovery clinics over the past year. He is always overjoyed to see us. While we still don’t provide true regular care, we are impacting the health of the community. The third team hosted clinics for two days in the new Onaville Green Church #2 and two days in the Onaville police station. The Onaville police chief continues to be a gracious host who views the clinics as an important way to add stability to his community.

God transformed our team as the Holy Spirit worked in each of us to see the value of each patient through God’s eyes. The issues of desperation and injustice were met with God’s hope, joy, and grace. As one team member, Kyle, insightfully remarked, “My definition of blessings has changed as blessings do not mean what God has given me, but what God has done to draw me closer to Him.” Another team member, Tracy, observed this week watching the pages of the Gospel of Mark come to life as we saw a woman who has had bleeding issues for a year come for healing, desperate crowds collecting to be seen, friends bringing sick to the clinics in wheel barrows, people desiring to be prayed for and crying out in praise.

It is always amazing to see God’s redemptive mission at work as He expands His Kingdom by using the broken people of His church.

-Mike James

Volunteer Project Coordinator