Who doesn’t love a fun vacation with some close friends? Have you ever considered some of the volunteer vacations offered through Mission Discovery? This type of mission trip is specifically geared towards giving you an opportunity to volunteer abroad while enjoying the beautiful features of the country you’re visiting. Right now, on www.missiondiscovery.com, we have mission opportunities for women to do some mission work in Jamaica together with their friends. If you are a women and have a heart for serving God with other women, then this is the trip for you. Here are some of the highlights for this volunteer vacation:

  • Serve– The beaches of Jamaica are beautiful. However, the communities in the country are struggling like never before. Volunteer vacations offers a unique opportunity for you to serve with other women by helping the local community together. There will be two types of mission opportunities as you serve as a volunteer abroad on this trip. One school near Montego Bay is our HOLD the Children Pre-School. There you’ll help finish construction of the building and lead a children’s Bible school. The other school is also a HOLD the Children School in Eden, Jamaica where you’ll help