No doubt that it’s gotten much harder to gather the dollars to take a large group of students on a mission trip. Enter stage left: Mission Discovery’s Connect Mission Trip. While at a lower cost, there is no sacrifice in the connection with the mission of reaching out to those in need.

In Westmoreland, Tennessee teams stayed at Camp Mission Discovery. Camp MD is on 9 acres houses 90+ people, has swimming pool, gym, fishing pond and lots of space to hang out. The camp was alive each evening with worship and the sharing of stories of how God was evident in the activities of the day. Teams served at a community center for the elderly, sorted clothes at a thrift store for the poor, leveled a flood-prone yard in the community of Lafayette and cleaned the house and yard of a man confined to his house due to illness.

In 2014 Connect trips will take place in more locations as we expand to meet the growing interest in lower cost mission trips. For information drop us an email or call 800-767-8720.