The outpouring of individuals and groups wanting to volunteer with Mission Discovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has been incredible. Mission Discovery has had over 370 inquiries who simply want to know how to be involved!

Mission Discovery teams will play a vital part of this recovery effort. We continue to look for those willing to volunteer. You can let us know you are interested by clicking here.

In response to the request for pricing of trips and dates we have posted spring and summer trips for adult groups, college age and high school youth groups. Click here to see whats available.

Currently we are in contact our church partners who were impacted by this super storm and are organizing a conference call with donors and churches impacted by the storm for a real-time update of needs and how volunteers might best serve. Mission Discovery donors and church partners click here.

Mission Discovery is targeting recovery and rebuilding. This is long-term.

To make possible this effort please consider the following:

-Plan a trip with Mission Discovery now for a time in the future when Hurricane Sandy is leaving the frequency of news cycles. At times well meaning untrained volunteers can harm a recovery process by responding too quickly

-Do you have a building that could function as a center of operations for Mission Discovery in an impacted area? This would be a large enough space to receive donations of goods and possibly house 30 to 50 volunteers. Let us know here.

Donations for the purchase of shovels, cleaning supplies, fans, tarps, safety equipment, generators. Donate Online by clicking here

-Before responding ask God for direction and peace

Mission Discovery teams were a vital part of the recovery following Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew. Along with our efforts in the coming weeks, Mission Discovery will organize recovery efforts at spring break, summer and fall. See Spring and Summer dates here.

If you wish to donate today to Mission Discovery response to Hurricane Sandy you dollars will be used to purchase supplies that will be transported to the area the week of November 14-19 and supplies to be used by teams.

If you are a pastor, youth leader, or church staff and would like to join Mission Discovery during this time please contact Michael Kneff at Mission Discovery 800-767-8720 or email him at [email protected].