Doris Piper is a seventy nine year old widow who lives alone and cleans houses to pay her bills. She has never driven a car, never been to a doctor and never taken a pill of any kind. She is full of energy but the maintenance of her large home in Gallatin has become extremely difficult. The blue tarps on her her indicate serious roof problems. Buckets and pots scattered through her cluttered home was the best she could do to keep the inside dry. Doris began to realize that the leaky roof was too much for her to handle. She tells a news reporter that was writing a story, “that night before I closed my eyes I said ‘God, fall rain is fixing to start, there’s a hole in this roof, what am I to do? Show me a sign if I’m gonna to make it.’ And the next day a pickup truck was in the yard, a man handed me his card and said we’re here to help you.”

Plans were made to help. A team from Pennsylvania accepted the challenge and worked the entire week to repair one side of Doris’s roof. Doris has a renewed faith in God’s love and provision for her.

Hopefully, God will send another team to work on the other side of her home.