This week a group of 61 is here in Montego Bay, Jamaica working at the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf. This is my 22nd year to come here. I began here in 1989 with an organization called World Servants. I traveled with Tim Gibson, who I think had as much experience driving on the left side of the road as I did, and that was none.

So much has changed there with the additions of “Sam” like grocery stores, new roads and high rises. But so little has changed for the working class of Jamaica. The world’s economy has forced some resorts to lay off staff, and pastors struggle with lower offerings. Pastor Leroy Blackwood is just one example of a passion that comes from the heart of God. Though life is more difficult, Leroy and his family, continue to run a small pre-school for the needy of his community. There the children get a head start with reading and writing and get a hot lunch each day.

Off the beaten path is the Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf where Sophia Reid and Mary Rickets have continued to serve in spite of the impact of the economy serving the education needs of 37 deaf children from K through 12.

And even though survival would be all that would be expected in difficult times, Leroy, Sophia and Mary continue to have vision for the future. This week at the school for the deaf we are building a vocational education building to equip students with a viable trade.

This week we will also be at the Blossom Garden Children’s Home in Montego Bay. Ms Brown and her small staff often take money out of their own pockets to make the work happen here. This week we will hold babies, change diapers and play duck-duck-goose like it was the first time.

God says, “no eye has seen or ear has heard of a God who works for those who wait for Him.” Leroy, Ms Brown, Mary and Sophia are examples of active waiters!