If an international mission trip is something you’ve always wanted to do, but you feel a little intimidated by the traveling, you’re not alone. Did you know there’s an army of volunteers around the USA who commit to local or domestic missionary work, once or a few times a year? When you consider the poor and needy in your own community, county or state, taking a day or two to join a mission trip to help can be a more manageable prospect than traveling internationally to serve. You won’t need a passport or any shots and you may not even need to leave your home town! Here are some ideas for planning a local or domestic mission trip:

If you want to volunteer, but do not want, or cannot make, a long-term commitment, remember that one-time or yearly short-term commitments can help enormously.

Mission Discovery’s new Connect Mission Trips can put you in touch with people and communities that need help year round. Work projects are designed to meet the needs of families and individuals living below the poverty line.

The average workday will help residents in the Nashville community. You’ll paint, clean, and make old things new again. This affordable mission trip connects you with the stories of the people you’ll serve and you’ll partner with other inner city ministries.

Here are two of our upcoming trips for you to consider:

Westmoreland, TN – this small, rural community of 4,000 people is located 45 minutes north of Nashville, TN. Westmoreland is home to people with real needs. Some of the poorer resident’s homes are literally falling down. Your group will meet both physical and spiritual needs of families in this area. There will be home repair projects and the opportunity to share the Gospel and demonstrate His love through service and kindness.

Fort Blackmore, Virginia is located near the borders of both Tennessee and Kentucky. This rural town has faced hard times. Residents there take pride in their quality of life, but like so many places in our nation, this community is home to people in real need. You might be asked to repair a leaky roof, or broken porches, replace rotting floors, or put on a fresh coat of paint. There are also opportunities to be part of leading an exciting children’s bible school that will reach neighborhood children with the Good News of Jesus. Along with changing the lives encountered in the hills of Appalachia, your team will experience God’s love in their own hearts in a fresh and new way.

Another great aspect of joining a local or domestic mission trip, is that the experience may help you gain the skills and confidence to commit to an international trip in the future.

You don’t have to travel abroad as a volunteer to make a difference and help others. Your time and talents may be needed closer to home. To learn more about local mission trip opportunities, contact us anytime.