When the team arrived in Jamaica the team exited the secure area of the airport together. The group leader was somewhere in the middle of the sea of yellow shirts. As they dropped their bags at the curb to wait for our bus the leader counted to three and the team shouted “FLEXIBLE!”

I knew this was going to be both an incredible and challenging week for this team. “Flexible” is one of the word we use in our pre-trip training for teams. This leader had committed to preparing his team. Throughout their week I would hear the leader count and then the loud “flexible.” It was contagious, other groups on this same trip joined in!

Mission Discovery pre-trip training is essential to the investment of dollars and time.

Before heading out on your next mission trip make sure you commit to the following elements of of pre-trip training and prep: that each team member is prepared to tell his/her story of God’s work, that each team member has signed an agreement agreeing to the mission and purpose of the trip, that each team member knows his gifts and the gift of others, that each team member is committed to being a learner and servant, and that each team member is committed to cultural sensitivity. Oh and that each person would remember to be “flexible!”

I can’t imagine arriving on a mission trip without pre-trip training. It forms the foundation for a great experience!