Years ago Ann and I were working for Youth for Christ. At the time we were raising our financial support and it was not going so well, behind in pay, and struggling. We were convinced that God would care for us. For several weeks, we received a cashiers check in our mail book for $500.00. We had no idea who it was from. We just thanked God for that person and asked God to continue to bless their life.

A few weeks ago we were on a Mission Discovery trip in Port au Prince, Haiti running a medical clinic. About 1 in the afternoon, several of our helpers brought in 35 plus hamburgers and French fries! I did not know these existed here! It was later that I found out after some digging that it was my Haitian pastor friend Exante, who purchased and delivered the burgers in what appeared to be a “drive-by” burger drop! Later in the week he delivered burgers again, and whoever purchased the burgers accidentally included 6 beers in the m