Pictured here is Gary Lane from Georgia. For the past 22 years Gary has given a mix of 1 or 2 weeks of his time or sometimes whole summers volunteering his time as a work-site contractor on Mission Discovery mission trips. It all depends on how his work is flowing (or not) back home in Atlanta. Gary represents one of hundreds of individuals who serve with Mission Discovery each year as a “Contractor.”

Notice that the word is in quotes, while Gary is a real contractor, many of those that come under that volunteer heading may be more like you and I….we have a basic understanding of how to building things, use power tools and generally are good teachers. Every summer on hundreds of Mission Discovery’s work-sites these teacher/builders work alongside church youth and adult groups on mission trips around the world with Mission Discovery.

We’d love to consider you as one of these volunteers. You may teach a group to drywall and mud a house in Virgina, design and assemble a playground in Rapid City, guide a team in mixing concrete for the floor of a classroom in Jamaica or encourage a middle school student as he nails for the first time! The range of possibilities is endless and there are always surprises. But if you have the skills, you are good with people and have the time, consider a week-long mission trip with Mission Discovery as a volunteer contractor.

So you are not a contractor? Some weeks need volunteers to help cook, or simply work behind the scenes at a camp with logistical details.

For information email Tina Castro at [email protected]