Family is one of the greatest blessings the Lord has given us, and with so many unhealthy families in the world these days, having a healthy family is truly one of the best opportunities for ministry. 


Here at Mission Discovery, we love when family units come on mission trips with us. Here’s why: 



The Power of Unity: Families as a Unit in Missions

A significant role that Christian families play in missions is demonstrating unity. Families are often seen as a unit, and when they participate together in mission work, they showcase a powerful image of unity and cooperation. This unity is not only beneficial for the family members themselves but also for those they are serving.


Family mission trips provide an opportunity for families to work together towards a common goal. They foster teamwork, mutual respect, and understanding among family members. These shared experiences can strengthen familial bonds while simultaneously making a positive impact on others’ lives.


Role Modeling: Parents as Guiding Lights

Parents play an essential role during family mission trips as role models for their children. By actively participating in mission work, parents demonstrate first-hand the importance of helping others in the name of Christ. They show their children that actions speak louder than words when it comes to making a difference.


Parents can use these opportunities to teach their children about different cultures, socio-economic issues, and global challenges. These lessons go beyond what children learn within the confines of their classrooms and provide them with real-world experiences that can shape their perspectives and attitudes.


Furthermore, when healthy parents go on family mission trips, they model to the community they are serving what it looks like to be a Christ-following parent. 


Diversifying: Reaching a variety of people groups

Families are so cool because they are their very own mission team!! Within a family, each member possesses a unique role, presenting diverse opportunities for outreach and connection during mission endeavors.

The family as a whole has the ability to reach and connect with other families that singles or couples without children do not. 

Kids can reach kids, moms can reach moms, and dads can reach dads. 

While couples without children and single Christians have different strengths, the strength of a family is its ability to reach other families! 


Family Mission Trips: A Platform for Personal Growth

Family mission trips are not just about serving others; they also offer a platform for personal growth. Participating in these trips can be a transformative experience, especially for children and young adults. They get to step out of their comfort zones, face new challenges, and learn valuable life skills.


These trips can help develop resilience, adaptability, problem-solving skills, and leadership qualities. They also foster a sense of gratitude and appreciation for what one has by exposing participants to different living conditions worldwide.


Moreover, family mission trips can also serve as a spiritual journey for many families. It provides them with an opportunity to reflect on their faith or beliefs and how they relate to their actions.


Impact Beyond the Mission Field

The impact of family mission trips extends beyond the mission field. The experiences gained during these trips often inspire families to continue their service even after returning home. This could mean volunteering at local charities, advocating for social issues, or simply being more mindful of their actions’ impact on society.


So if you’re considering participating in a family mission trip, we say, “DO IT!”