Mission Discovery is proud to know some amazing missionaries who have volunteered on several domestic and international mission trips with us. This week we’ll meet Joel Schnell, pictured above. Joel is one of our most frequent mission trip volunteers and he loves to talk about his experiences with Mission Discovery.

Q: How and when did you first hear about Mission Discovery?

A: It was in 2000 when my wife Tasha and a group of ladies from our church took a trip to Jamaica with Mission Discovery. Then the next year we led a group of youth to the Bahamas.

Q: Describe your first mission trip experience with Mission Discovery.

A: It was great. We served in Nassau, Bahamas. It was so amazing to witness how God was at work and we had the privilege to come alongside His work and serve. Mission Discovery made it possible.

Q: What did you do as a volunteer abroad? Did you have any particular skills to share?

A: We worked at an orphanage. We painted and we taught VBS and just played with the children. I am good with people and know construction, so it was a