Read Luke 10:36-37

After telling this parable, Jesus asked the lawyer which person had been a neighbor to the robbed man. The lawyer previously seemed to be testing Jesus and asking him what it meant to be someone’s neighbor.

But after hearing this story and the example of the Good Samaritan, the lawyer had clarity. He could clearly see that the Good Samaritan was the neighbor who showed mercy on the robbed man.

When we put our love into action, we are not only helping those we’re aiming to serve but also those who are watching us. We all have the opportunity every day to show mercy and inspire others by doing so.

1. The Samaritan’s generosity taught the lawyer what true mercy looked like. Who is someone on this trip who exemplifies these characteristics? How does watching them live their life motivate you?

2. Who on this trip may be looking to you as an example? How can you showcase love in action to them today?

3. Jesus is the ultimate example of love and mercy. How can you strive to be an example of love but still maintain humility and point others to Christ?

Today, we learn that love can motivate others to be merciful. Ask God to put loving examples in your life to model, and ask Him to help you to be an example to those around you.

Day 5 of 7  from the 2024 Mission Discovery Devotional