Read 1 Peter 4:10

The Good Samaritan interrupted his life to rescue someone society said he should ignore.

So now what? Will we close this journal unchanged, or let these words change us? Will we actively notice people crying out for help around us? Will we use our talents to bind others’ wounds, even when inconvenient?

Each of us can impact lives each day. But that means stepping up, getting hands dirty, taking risks—It’s anything but easy, yet it’s where purpose lives. As you reflect today, listen to how Jesus may be inviting you to courageously love like that Good Samaritan did long ago. Get ready to use your gifts to start serving in bold new ways. What suffering needs your compassion? Let this be the kickoff to an adventure of living love in action.

1. The Samaritan allowed the man’s suffering to reshape his priorities – what needs reshaping after this trip? How will serving those in pain become more central rather than peripheral?

2. Think about what might make it hard to keep helping people when your everyday life gets busy. Do you have any friends or family who can encourage you to be compassionate even when it’s not always easy?

3. When you look around your neighborhood or community, what big problems make you worry for people and wish you could instantly make better? With God’s help, will you make it better?

Day 7 of 7  from the 2024 Mission Discovery Devotional