Read Luke 10:34-35

The Good Samaritan’s actions speak volumes. Not content with bandaging wounds, he pours oil, provides transportation, and ensures ongoing care at an inn. His love transcends the ordinary.

This parable teaches us that love often demands more than the bare minimum. It calls us to exceed expectations, going above and beyond in kindness and compassion.

While the priest and Levite might have followed their religious duties to avoid ritual impurity, the Samaritan’s actions remind us that love knows no rigid boundaries. It’s willing to sacrifice time, resources, and comfort for others.

1. The Samaritan’s love cost him time and money. When do you cling to your resources and conveniences too much to be lavishly loving? What would it look like to loosen your grip?

2. Getting outside your comfort zone means getting your hands dirty. When might staying clean and comfortable prevent you from helping people meet real needs?

3. What might “going the extra mile” in love and service look like for you on this trip – with your teammates or those you are serving?

Showing real love means going the extra mile. This trip calls us to have the courage to move past our comfort zones and make a difference. Ask God to give you the strength to go the extra mile.

Day 4 of 7  from the 2024 Mission Discovery Devotional