We are so glad you are a part of the Mission Discovery family, where we’re on a mission to spread smiles, hope, and, ultimately, Christ to communities worldwide. We appreciate your interest in our mission, and we want to encourage you to take your next step in partnering with us. Have you been feeling an urge to contribute more to the Great Commission? There are so many seemingly small but mighty things you can do to contribute to what the Lord is already doing through Mission Discovery. 


1. Share the Story:

This one is super easy but super impactful. Your voice is a powerful tool. Share our posts on social media and raise awareness about our mission. By following us on social media and engaging with our posts, you let others know what Mission Discovery is up to and encourage them to join our family as well.



2. Extend a Helping Hand:

With just a few clicks, you can make a world of difference. Giving a special gift or enrolling in a monthly donation directly fuels our initiatives, providing essential support to communities in need. Every contribution, no matter the size, is a step toward a brighter future. We truly see our donors as partners, not just dollar amounts. It is a blessing to be able to financially contribute to the Lord’s work.



3. Volunteer and Connect:

Duh! Join one of our mission trips! We have so many ministry partners around the world who need you to come and serve. These opportunities not only change lives but also offer a unique chance to connect with others who share your compassion. Find out how you can participate and be a part of the change.



Our Mission 

At Mission Discovery, we believe that to love is to serve and that everyone has a role to play in sharing the love of Christ with the world. Your involvement, no matter how you choose to engage, is a testament to the impact individuals can make when they come together.


Ready to take the first step? Click one of the buttons above and start contributing to an organization that aims to spread the light of Christ around the world.  Thank you for your interest in our mission, and for choosing to make a difference.