God Will Continue the Work

By |2023-10-18T14:00:24-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Isaiah 40:26-31 This has been an incredible time of seeing God at work. Wouldn’t you agree? Each evening more and more of us were able to report “God Sightings.” Soon you will depart for home, and we fully expect you to [...]

Let’s get our hands dirty!

By |2023-10-18T14:09:39-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Luke 10:25-37 Ah…for the days gone by of heroes and mud-pies! That’s what being a kid was all about, being a hero or making mud pies, sometimes at the same time! Have you read a good hero story lately? How about [...]

Be Not Ashamed

By |2023-10-18T14:07:36-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Romans 1:1-17 A young man got up to give his testimony for Christ in an open-air meeting. Not being accustomed to speaking in public, he stammered a good deal. An atheist who came by shouted at him, “You ought to be [...]

Corn? No, Pumpkins!

By |2023-10-18T14:11:36-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Galatians 6:7-10 If you put pumpkin seeds in the ground, what will sprout a few weeks later? Corn – right? Wrong, pumpkins! Common sense tells us that whatever we sow is what will grow. This is the ‘Law of the Harvest.’ [...]

The Prince and the Pauper

By |2023-10-18T14:13:36-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Matthew 25:31-46 Have you ever heard the story of “The Prince and the Pauper?” It’s an old story about two boys who decide to switch places because they look alike. The prince begins to live the life of a regular ordinary [...]

Strength, Courage, and History

By |2023-10-18T14:16:11-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Joshua 1:1-9 It seems like “history” might not belong with the above title words. We can see how the other two words are related and how they relate to Joshua 1:1-9. After reading the Bible verses jot down a few things [...]

Back to the Future

By |2023-10-18T14:18:42-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Matthew 28:18-20 Remember the movie series “Back to the Future?” The star, Michael J. Fox, finds himself living in some other moment in time through the invention of a crazy scientist. This so-called “time machine” manages to transport people into the [...]

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