Read Luke 10:25-37

Ah…for the days gone by of heroes and mud-pies! That’s what being a kid was all about, being a hero or making mud pies, sometimes at the same time! Have you read a good hero story lately? How about that Samaritan man? He came across this guy who was badly hurt and alone. Everyone else who saw him just walked right by. They had lost the desire to be the hero and get their hands dirty. Somewhere between child-like faith and “adulthood,” love got conditional. It became messy.

The Samaritan man had to get his hands dirty when he reached down and picked up the bloodied and bruised man by the side of the road. Jesus was only talking about being a friend. Take a look around, who could be your friend today? Who is the person that Jesus wants you to reach out and love? In the story, Jesus makes the Samaritan man the hero, even to those he was rejected by a few chapters before. Does someone who rejected you recently deserve to be the hero of your story today? Or do you need to be the hero to them?

Read Luke 10:25-37 and get ready to make some mud-pies!

Day 6 of 7 from the 2009 Mission Discovery Devotional