Read Matthew 28:18-20

Remember the movie series “Back to the Future?” The star, Michael J. Fox, finds himself living in some other moment in time through the invention of a crazy scientist. This so-called “time machine” manages to transport people into the past or the future, ushering them into experiences that would impact them in the present.

Read Matthew 28:18-20. Pretend for a moment, you’ve stepped into a time machine and are now hearing Jesus speak. What is going through your mind as Jesus defines your life from this point on? There are a couple things to note:

  1. You are here only because Jesus has the decision-making power to make it happen.
  2. As you walk through life, your priority is to lead others to understand this Jesus.
  3. You are not alone in this journey.

Okay – snap back to reality. A moment ago you read words that were not intended only for your time machine experience. Those words are as powerful today as they were when they were first spoken.

On this first day of your mission trip, open your heart to the call of God on your life. Your presence at this place and time is God’s decision and you have been obedient to follow through. Your priority today and from this day on is to point others to Jesus (done more effectively if your actions and words are consistent with one another). And remember this above all else – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Day 1 of 7 from the 2009 Mission Discovery Devotional