Read Matthew 5:13-16

One day Jesus saw a huge crowd following Him and made an interesting decision. This day He would leave the big crowd, go up on a hill with his 12 followers, and teach his closest friends. Imagine you are one of the twelve that day. Jesus is sitting and you are standing and He says to you, “You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt has lost its flavor it is only good enough to be thrown into the street…” Salt has many functions but here are two. Salt can be used as a preservative of foods packed in it. It is also on your table at home to add flavor to food. Jesus goes further, he says, “You are the light of the world…” he tells them that light is not meant to be hidden but that men would see the light and glorify God. I’m sure the disciples must have looked over their shoulders to see if there was anyone else He was speaking to…nope…just them.

How have you seen your team be salt and light this week? Remember you are light in a dark world and when it’s dark outside a little light will do!

Day 5 of 7 from the 2006 Mission Discovery Devotional