Read John 8:31-36

We need God’s truth – The truth will set you free!

A little truth goes a long way!  As class was beginning, the teacher wanted to conduct a little experiment.  Once everyone was seated, the teacher asked that they all stand, cover their eyes and then point in the direction they thought was north.  As the students stood there, the teacher said “Uncover your eyes, but keep pointing.”  Just about everyone in the class was pointing in a different direction, but they all thought they were correct.

How would it be determined who was correct?  Popular vote surely wouldn’t do because just about everyone wholeheartedly believed they we repointing in the right direction.  Then the teacher broke out a compass and the students realized that little instrument would tell who was pointing in the right direction.  Although MANY believed wholeheartedly, their belief was in vain.  Just because we believe something wholeheartedly does not mean it is true.

What compass are you using to guide your life?  Are you truly free?  Jesus’ own words are, “If you hold on to my teachings… you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

  1. Which teachings of Jesus give you the most trouble?
  2. Why are they hard to “hold on to”?
  3. What’s the one thing you could do today to adhere to the teachings of Jesus?

Day 5 of 7  from the 2011 Mission Discovery Devotional