Read Mark 10:17-27

To receive – you must first give

Read Mark 10:17-27. Almost always there is something God is asking us to give up for Him. This week you have given up your comfort, finances, vacation, and numerous things to come be a learner, servant, and storyteller. In doing so you have loved those the world often labels as “unlovely”. But unlike the world, you and God have changed lives, erasing dilemmas of poverty, if for only a season.

In a few days, you will return to life’s normal routine. However, the experience you’ve embarked on this week doesn’t end. Your desire to love God as a servant will be confronted by yet another opportunity to sacrifice.

What will it be next? What will God ask you to sacrifice only to give you more than you can currently imagine? Maybe it will be one of your favorite pastimes, the closeness of a friend that leads you away from God, a particular music CD, a book – anything of present value.

In God’s Kingdom, what is and isn’t important will be in a constant state of change. Not that God doesn’t want you to have any fun, (remember He invented it), but rather, He wants you to be able to enjoy all His Kingdom has for you.

What has God given you this week to replace what you have sacrificed for Him? Take a moment to reflect and write down your thoughts.

Day 6 of 7 from the 2004 Mission Discovery Devotional