Read Luke 5:11

Being here on the mission field this week, so far away from what is “normal” and “familiar” in your life can feel a little bit like being on a ship deep at sea. A sailor can forget what it feels like to walk on dry land and even struggle to walk normally after returning.

Your ship is about to return to “dry land.” Will you struggle to walk “normal” after returning and go back to your old way of life? Will you leave behind a “summer camp high” experience that changed you only briefly and left you only with pleasant memories?


Will you go back home and love the people around you with the same passion that you bestowed on these complete strangers this week? Will you continue to look for “God-sightings” in your life and share them with others around you? Will you forsake all, and follow Him?

Has this been an experience in your life?


A life-changing experience?

Day 6 of 7 from the 2008 Mission Discovery Devotional