Redeem: to recover by paying a fee for something originally owned but then lost.

Saturday was garage sale day and John’s whole family was helping to move boxes of clothes, housewares and old toys to the driveway to be sold.  As the day progressed it became hectic as many people shopped for bargains.  John’s three year old daughter, Madi, was “helping” when she dropped her favorite doll.  A few minutes later a shopper picked-up a box of old toys and noticed the doll on the ground.  He put the doll in the box, thinking it had fallen out, and bought it.  Before long Madi was crying and searching for her favorite doll.  When John learned what had happened, he realized Madi’s doll was in the box of toys just sold.  He pursued the buyer to his car, explained the situation and asked for Madi’s doll.  The new owner, realizing how important the doll was to John, agreed to sell it back to him but for twice the price he had just paid for the whole box.  The father gladly redeemed the doll because of its great value.

Jesus Christ became human in order to redeem sinful people and return them to the family of God.  Jesus paid the full price of sin’s penalty – death – for every person who has lived or will live and believes in Him.  Let the redeemed of the Lord worship God’s glorious Christ!


Galatians 4:4-7

Colossians 1:12-20

1 Peter 1:17-24

Day 4 of 7  from 2012 Mission Discovery Devotional