“Let your light shine…and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” (Matt. 5:15).

Reflectors guide and can be life savers!  Jill was driving at night.  It was very dark and the fog was extremely dense.  She had to slow down and still it was difficult to see the road and steer the car safely.  Jill noticed that every so often she would see a small “light” at the side of the road that guided her safely along the way.  After traveling a distance Jill realized that the small “lights” she saw were actually reflectors at the side of the road.  When her headlights hit each reflector, it would light-up and guide her away from danger and keep her on course.

Christians are like the reflectors that safely guided Jill.  Christians do not have light in themselves.  It is only when the Light of Christ touches their hearts by faith that they “light-up” and show the Way.  A Christian who shares the glory of God with others is called a “witness” and becomes a “reflector” of the glory of God in their life.  Are you a “reflector” of the Light of Christ?  How can God use you to be “light” in a world darkened by sin?


Matthew 5:14-16

John 14:12-15

Acts 13:44-48

1 Peter 2:11-12

Day 6 of 7  from 2012 Mission Discovery Devotional