Read Luke 5:12-13

In Luke 5:12-13 we find the story of a man with the skin disease, leprosy. In the eyes of most, this made him “unclean” and a social outcast. Aware of this, the leper approached Jesus, fell on his face, and begged Jesus, saying “If you want to, you can cleanse me.” The man obviously wanted to be clean, but what did Jesus want? The leper’s act of throwing himself at the feet of Jesus not only proves his inability to cleanse himself but also his faith in the healing power of Jesus. The question was not if Jesus could heal him, but instead if Jesus wanted to heal him. I love Jesus’ directness in His response to the leper’s act of faith. He simply says, “I want to. Be clean.” Basically telling the Leper, “It is my will and your faith had made you well.” Verse 13 tells us that right hen there and there the leper was made clean of his disease.

What is it that you want from this week?

What do you think the family you are working for wants this week?

Do you think a new house is all you are going to give them?

How do you think Jesus will respond to these wants?

Take time now to write out your desires. Once you have done this take your desires to Jesus the same way the leper did. Throw yourself at the feet of Jesus saying, “If you want to, You can make_____ happen,” having faith that He can make it happen if it is His will.

Day 2 of 7 from the 2008 Mission Discovery Devotional