Jesus. The Messianic Missionary. The model for how this thing is supposed to be done. Few people’s lives have been as scrutinized over as the figure of Jesus of Nazareth. (including Paris Hilton or Brad Pitt. I think.) So, taking one more gander at the Son of God, let us see exactly how to go about being a missionary. Right on.

I am reminded of a quote from a wonderful film starring Peter Weller that goes something like, “Remember: wherever you go, there you are.” (The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai and the 8th Dimension) Christians often refer to their given destiny as a calling. This calling is usually to a specific people group or geo-political location, such as the Khalkh Mongols of Mongolia or the Surf Island of Tahiti. I find it interesting that Jesus was called to the people group known as humans, within the geo-political spectrum of Earth. Jesus simply loved whomever it was that he came in contact with. Jew. Gentile. Man. Woman. Old. Young. Demon possessed. Anyone and everyone. Granted, he traveled as the Spirit led him, but the location or even the cultural background was never the important part. The supposed random people he came in contact with every day were his calling. Wherever he went, there he loved.

As humans, we often want to make life more complicated than it really needs to be. We fill our time with activities, bible studies, church events, ball games, and (insert fun, time-consuming Christian activity here), thinking that it is somehow helping to make this world a better place. When all Christ really asked of us was that we’d love the ones we’re with.

So here is your calling:

Job: Love

People Group: Anyone within speaking distance.

Geo-Political Location: Where are you now? There you are.

Knock ‘em dead, kid.

Day 6 of 8 from the 2007 Mission Discovery Devotional