Very few people know this, but your chances of making it in a band are increased if you follow a few simple steps. You should probably know how to play an instrument, or at least be somewhat successful as a pretender. You should always wear really tight jeans that show off how skinny your legs are. And, you should have a tour van. It can’t be nice. After all, it will harbor a stench of B.O. that cattle would run from. I stood in my pajama pants and flip flops, watching as our tour van went up in flames. It was 4 am, in the middle of nowheresville.

After the fire burned out, reality set in. all that was left were the springs of the seats and the metal frame. No glass. No rubber. No backseat that transformed into a full size bed. Nothing. My clothes had been in a backpack with my Bible and some other items sitting on the backseat. Of course all that was gone. But when I looked again I noticed something sitting on the metal springs of the seat. My Bible. It was dripping wet from the water hoses, and the outside cover was charred, but when I opened it every word was legible and intact. The firefighters, the police, my friends, none of us could believe it. It was impossible.

Our faith dares us to believe the impossible doesn’t it? Take a look at some of the oldest stories in the Bible. Daniel was in a room full of hungry lions who were suddenly not hungry anymore. He came out unscathed. Three guys were thrown into a fire and they walked out unharmed. Jonah gets tossed over the rail of a ship, eaten by a fish, and thrown up onto a shoreline. And he was still alive. It all seems so impossible doesn’t it?

When I look at the moon and the stars on a clear night, it all seems so impossible. When I watch the sunrise and sunset, it seems so impossible. When I look at the depths of the sea and the millions of creatures within it, I’m overwhelmed. It’s impossible. God’s beauty is displayed in all of creation, and it all seems so impossible to us. But here is a truth that repeats itself over an dover again throughout history and into eternity: For God, even the impossible is possible.

God is looking for people that will partner with Him in making the impossible possible. There are people in Mexico and Guatemala that dream of having a home. To them it all seems so impossible. There are orphans in Jamaica that have been abandoned by their families and are

looking for deep connection. To them, it all seems so impossible. There are people in Haiti walking many miles every day for clean water. To them, it all seems so impossible.

This week, you are invited to partner with God and dare to believe that the impossible is actually possible.


  1. Had God ever asked you to try something that seemed impossible? What was it?
  2. Have you ever seen God do something that seem impossible?
  3. Do you need God’s help the make the impossible possible in your life? What situation do you need help with?

Day 1 of 8 from the 2015 Mission Discovery Devotional