Luke 10:25-29

In the chaos of daily life, it’s easy to be self-absorbed. This lawyer who challenged Jesus was focused on himself. He wanted to test Jesus – the literal Son of God!

This lawyer proudly quotes scripture from memory and tells Jesus exactly what a righteous person should do.

However, the lawyer was unwilling to live out the verses he took so much time to memorize.

Being a Christian is much more than attending church on Sundays and reading scripture. Being a Christian requires acting out your faith with love.

1. Serving others often deepens our faith. Beyond the work you’ll do, what spiritual impacts do you desire this trip to have? How can you lean into those?

2. Mission work can reinforce feelings of superiority if we’re not careful. How can you approach those you serve with humility? What do you hope to learn from them?

3. How can you expand your definition of “neighbor” today? Think about the diverse people you encounter daily. How can you show them love in action?

Ask God to bless you with humility throughout this trip. Pray that He helps you put yourself and your expectations aside so that He can use you to share His love with the community you are serving.

Day 1 of 7  from the 2024 Mission Discovery Devotional