Read Luke 10:30-32

The road to Jericho was well-known for its danger, but many people passed through it each day despite the risk.

It’s important to note that the robbed man could have easily been anyone. Suffering can fall upon any one of us at any given time, and remembering that can help us to be more compassionate when we see others in need.

The priest and the Levite, respected figures in society, passed by without offering help, perhaps out of fear, indifference, or self-preservation. Their actions, or lack thereof, teach us a vital lesson – that compassion often requires us to step outside our comfort zones and take risks.

1. This story reminds us that suffering can fall upon any of us. Reflect on a hardship or crisis season in your life. What did you learn in that season that shaped how you view others now?

2. Why do you think the priest and Levite walked past the hurting man without trying to help?

3. What tends to distract you from showing compassion to those right in front of you?

Ask the Lord always to remind you that the people you are helping are not less than you are. You will also go through tough times and have to ask for help. Ask Him to give you the boldness to step outside your comfort zone and serve others.

Day 2 of 7  from the 2024 Mission Discovery Devotional