Please begin by reading Acts 20

People are more important than things. Eventually, things fall apart, rust, break, and are thrown away. But people last forever. What are the best memories you have of this mission trip? Your most memorable times probably include people. You have made new friends and know your old friends better because you have worked hard together. Soon you’ll be saying goodbye to your friends and heading home. What do you want them to remember about you?

Jesus said it is best when people remember us as “givers not takers.” Paul was preparing to leave friends he made on a short-term mission project. They had become so close that they hugged and cried when Paul had to leave them. Paul reminded them while he was with them that he loved them dearly. He worked hard to help those in need. They would remember Paul as a “giver, not a taker.”

Read Acts 20:13-38:

What Methods of transportation did Paul use on his mission trip (Vs 13-16)?

How did Paul serve the Lord when he was with the Ephesians (Vs 19)? What do you think this means?

What was the message Paul gave to both Jews and Greeks (Vs 20-21)?

Paul needed to get some things off his chest. What was bothering him (Vs 22-31)?

In what ways would the Ephesians remember Paul (Vs 32-38)

How do you want your friends to remember you? Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Things you can give: encouragement, thanks, praise, help, prayers, gifts, friendship, and much more. Now take action!

Day 6 of 7 from the 2022 Mission Discovery Devotional