Read Acts 2:37-41, 4:4

Do miracles still happen? What do you think of when you hear the word ‘miracle?’ Using some background information in Mark 16, let’s look at a few facts:

  1. Jesus, the one the disciples thought was the liberator of Israel, had been crucified and laid to rest in a tomb.
  2. The disciples were left all alone scratching their heads.
  3. Three days later, Jesus showed up at their prayer meeting!
  4. He stayed with them for forty days, and then he ascended into heaven.
  5. Once again the disciples were left standing there alone and extremely discouraged.

Sometime later, in a prayer meeting, the disciples had an awesome encounter with God. They experienced His Holy Spirit, and it radically changed them. Peter spoke a few God-ordained words at a God-ordained time, and 3,000 people believed in the name of Jesus Christ! No longer were the disciples alone. They had a whole new body of believers with them, and they also had the Holy Spirit to guide and direct them, as Jesus had done when he was here on earth!

God has placed you here on this mission trip for a very special reason. Like the disciples, you may feel confused by life’s experiences or alone in your circumstances. You may be way out of your “comfort zone” on this trip or even wondering why you came at all. Let me assure you that you are in an environment where miracles can occur. The definition of miracle is “a supernatural intervention in the natural realm.” Do you need a supernatural intervention of God in your life? Will the outcome be that 3,000 believe in the name of Jesus Christ? Will one believe? Will you believe?

Day 3 of 7 from the 2010 Mission Discovery Devotional