Have you ever been in a class with that one student who always had all the right answers, scored 98% or better on all their tests, and always turned their work in on time? This kind of student seems to ruin it for the rest of us! That’s the way it seems with Paul the Apostle. As one of the best-known missionaries of the bible, even his name brings fear and trembling to those who are thinking about going on a mission trip. And it doesn’t seem to help that when people in your church find out that you are going on a mission trip they always seem to find an “until then, obscure Bible verse about Paul.”

The great news is that God already has a missionary named Paul, and he did what God needed him to do. This week God needs you. You are here for a purpose and a reason that you may not fully know or understand. Don’t worry about Bible comparisons and just think about what someone who is far from God might need to hear. Do they know God loves them? Do they even know that He likes them? (Some people may think God is angry with them.)

In 2 Cor 2:3-5 Paul says, “I was with you in weakness and fear and in much trembling…so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God.” Trust the power of God, working in you, to do a great work this week.


Day 8 of 8 from the 2007 Mission Discovery Devotional