Today we’re going to look at the missionary model of Peter. What can we learn from Peter? Peter messed up. A lot. This makes him the most relatable missionary ever. Congrats Peter. So what does this mean for us? It means we can mess up. It means that even biblical saints aren’t perfect. It means that sometimes you just try too hard, and at the end of the day you still disavow yourself from your best friend as he’s being led off to be crucified (Matt 26.69-75). It means that we can lose faith (Matt 14.22-36). It means that racists are not outside of the reach of God’s grace (Gal 2.11-14). And, it means that we had better be careful what we wish for (Matt 14.22-36, and other examples).

What it means, is that no matter what we do, no matter where we go, we are still God’s children. And, like Peter, as we bumble about this life, we will let our actions and our talk get us in way over our heads. So deep sometimes that it will take the Son of God reaching down into torrential storm of our lives to save us from drowning in the sea of a mess that we have created. And He always does. He’s just waiting for his child to cry out, “Dad, save me.”

How deep are you?

When was the last time you quit fighting for the surface and asked to be saved?

Is it that easy? It seems to have worked for a mess-up like Peter.

Day 7 of 8 from the 2007 Mission Discovery Devotional