Read Acts 2:21, 4:12

“An inquiring father asked, “What did you do at school today?” “I don’t know,” replied the student. Sound familiar? I know you’ve had the same asked of you, and I’m quite certain you’ve answered similarly – at least once.
In certain areas of our lives, we might struggle to find an answer to even the simplest questions, but as Christians, we can provide life-changing details to the world’s most difficult and deadly issues. “What answers…What details…What can I possibly say?” you might ask. In our devotional reading, we will find the answers.
Read Acts 2:21 and 4:12. If you were asked today why you came here to be a missionary, what information in today’s reading would help you devise an answer?
Mankind needs to be saved! And our Savior is the Lord, Jesus Christ!
The Bible tells us that God desperately wants a relationship with every person, but in order to have a relationship with Him, mankind must personally call out to God and genuinely want to experience His gift of grace. God isn’t interested in token expressions or impersonal allegiances. He wants a deep and fulfilling relationship with you!
As you share the name of the Lord and show His grace to others today, ask yourself these questions, “Have I personally called upon the name of the Lord?” “Have I experienced his grace and forgiveness?” If your answer is “yes,” you have a life-changing message to share! If your answer is “no, will you call on Him to be your Savior today? Then, when you are asked “Why are you here…Why have you come?” you will no longer need to say, “I don’t know.” Instead, you will go into the mission field with life-changing answers!

Day 2 of 7 from the 2010 Mission Discovery Devotional