Read Acts 1:8

Just think about it… God is already here. He arrived before you did! He made preparations, laid out the plans, set events into motion, and He created you for this day!

So if God has a plan for this week, what do I do? Look at Acts Chapter 1 verse 8. It says that when you became a Christian you were given the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has given you power to be the witness of God. The verse then says where that will take place…Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and even the ends of the earth. Since we are not in Jerusalem, Judea, or Samaria, we must be in…you guessed it… the ends of the earth!

How do you define the word “witness?” In a court of law, a witness is a person who has seen the event. I think the word ‘witness’ used in Acts may mean the same thing. A person who has seen and will see the work of God.

Each night this week you’ll be given some time during your small group, and at our evening meeting, to give an account of what you saw God do during your work day. Ask God to show you what He is doing. Tell others what He has shown you.

On page 5, write out your expectations for this week. What do you hope for? What do you want? Now tell God about those expectations. At the end of this week come back to this page and see if God has done more than all you asked for or imagined!

Day 1 of 7 from the 2003 Mission Discovery Devotional