Please read 1 Samuel 18-24

David was a young shepherd living in relative obscurity. But when he was anointed to be king, his life changed drastically. He faced danger and fear as he fought for the throne against the reigning king, Saul. Through courage and faith, David defeats Saul and is crowned king. His ambition to become king is a driving force of this story, and it’s that ambition that motivates him to risk his life in order to reach his goal.


Here we see that the character’s wants and desires are an important element of any narrative. Knowing what the character wants is essential for plot development and adds depth to the overall story. It helps create an engaging narrative that we can connect with and root for.


And here you are, on a mission trip. We know God is writing a beautiful story with your life, so the question is this – what do you want? It’s important to take some time to think about your desires for this mission trip.


Maybe you want to grow in faith, build relationships with locals, learn a new language, or experience a spiritual transformation. Whatever it is that you’re hoping for on this mission trip, having a specific goal can help motivate you to make it happen.


As you set off on your mission trip, take time to reflect and discern what you want from this experience. Don’t forget that God is at work behind the scenes, and your wants can be used as part of His story for your life.


Answer this: What do you want?


Day 2 of 7 from the 2023 Mission Discovery Devotional