Read Matthew 10:26-31

Imagine you are a disciple of Jesus, and He has instructed you to go out and tell the people of Israel about Him. He also tells you that you will be able to perform miracles just like He does. But then He says, that when you go out, the people will not accept you and instead they will arrest you and torture you and even kill you.

Would you be afraid? Would you still go?

Read Matthew 10:26-31

In this passage, Jesus has just told his disciples this exact thing, and then He tells them that they have nothing to fear. Nothing to fear? What about the whole torture and death part?

If we jump ahead in the story we find that all but one of the 12 disciples were killed because they refused to stop preaching the message of Jesus Christ. Everything Jesus said would happen happened, but the disciples didn’t stop following Jesus. They didn’t let fear keep them from accomplishing great things.

Jesus has a special plan for each of us, and He knows that one of the biggest obstacles we face is our fear. It’s only when we put our trust in Him and let go of that fear that we can move forward.

What are the things you fear that might be keeping you from Jesus’ plan for your life?

Ask Jesus to help you overcome your fears so that you might draw closer to Him.

Day 7 of 7 from the 2006 Mission Discovery Devotional