As you prepare to go home it is like going to another “world”. God wants you to be a light for Jesus at home as well as on the mission field. What good is a flashlight on a dark night if it doesn’t work? In the same way, Christians must shine so that others can find the Way.

Today’s Scripture: 1 John 5: 1-21
1) Faith in Jesus Christ is the key to being a child of God. How do we know if someone truly loves God according to verses 1-5? Do you love God? How does it show?

2) Verses 4-5 speak of the “world”. When used this way the “word” refers to everyday life that goes on around us without God. The “world” system is Godless and tries to influence people to live a lifestyle of sin and selfishness. Christians are to be “overcomers” (nike) of the world. According to these verses, how can you have victory over the world?

List 4 ways you can be “overcomer” in your home, school, and neighborhood.

3) Verses 6-12 describe God’s testimony about Jesus Christ. In your own words write out what verses 10, 11, and 12 mean to you. Why did John write this book according to verse 13?

4) What are some things we learn about a Christian’s life in verses 14-21? List as many as you can find. Underline the one you most
need help with. Ask for God’s help.

5) Do you know that you have eternal life? (Circle one) yes / no (If not, please talk to your leader.)

Day 7 of 7 from the 2020 Mission Discovery Devotional