Read Luke 9:18-20

Life throws many questions at us each begging for an answer. The way in which you answer these questions will have varying levels of effect on eternity. However, there are a few questions that will shape you forever. Today, we are confronted with a question from Luke 9:18-20 that, depending upon your answer, will bring life or death.

Put yourself in the shoes of the disciples at this precise moment in time. When Jesus asks His first question, “Who do the people say I am?”, and you’re thinking; “this is a safe question – I’ll jump out on a limb and answer this one.” Little do you know, the first question is only a gateway to what Jesus really wanted to talk about.

Jesus’ second question hits home – the home of the heart. “Who do you say I am?” I’m quite sure there is a pause in the discussion and a hesitancy to answer. The answer to this question is either life or death. Peter, never shy about stepping out there, answers: “You are the Christ the Son of the Living God.” Lo and behold – HE WAS RIGHT!

This question is ageless. Not only was it a question 2000 years ago, but it also begs for an answer today. It remains as personal as it was intended when Jesus asked it the first time. He is asking you today who you think He is. Your answer is a life-altering response to one of life’s most important questions. Starting this day, take a moment to answer this question in the quietness of your heart.

Day 1 of 7 from the 2006 Mission Discovery Devotional