Please begin by reading Numbers 13-14

A good story needs great guides.

When the Israelites were about to enter the promised land of Canaan, Moses sent out 12 spies to survey the territory. When they returned, 10 of them reported that it was an impossible task; however, two of them – Joshua and Caleb – believed God would give them victory if they trusted in Him. Joshua and Caleb were the voices of faith and courage, who showed the people that with God on their side, they could overcome any obstacle.

This passage highlights how crucial it is to have a guide or mentor in our lives. No matter how difficult the journey may be, it can be easier by having someone beside us who is wise and experienced enough to show us the way. Whether it’s a teacher, coach, spiritual leader, or simply an older friend – having a guide or mentor can provide us with invaluable advice and support throughout our life journey. They can help us to stay on track, to recognize the potential pitfalls in front of us, and to set achievable goals that will move us ever closer to achieving our vision.

At times, it may seem like no one is there to help us – but no matter how dark our path may appear, there is always someone nearby who can offer a wise and guiding hand. By taking their counsel to heart, we can be sure of finding our way through even the most difficult of situations. It’s on us to seek out those special people in our lives – those Joshua and Caleb figures – who will help us to reach our ultimate destination. They are out there, and they can give us the strength we need to move forward. Let’s embrace their wisdom, and use it to guide our journey. Answer this: Who has God placed in your life to be a guide?

Day 4 of 7 from the 2023 Mission Discovery Devotional