2024 is finally here! At Mission Discovery, we’ve been eagerly awaiting this day as it means that our 2024 Mission Trips will be beginning soon. Beyond the excitement of launching new missions, the dawn of the new year signifies a worldwide tapestry of traditional celebrations in various cultures. With a passion for understanding the diverse cultures we serve across the globe, we’re taking a moment today to not only share but also learn about the unique New Year’s traditions in the countries where our missions unfold. 



In Jamaica, New Year’s Eve is a vibrant fiesta infused with the rhythm of reggae music and the warmth of the Caribbean breeze. Locals hit the streets in dazzling outfits, ready to dance the night away. As the clock strikes twelve, the skies light up with a dazzling display of fireworks over the Jamaican coastline, setting the stage for a year filled with positivity, unity, and, of course, irresistible beats.


Northern Ireland

The folks in Northern Ireland sure know how to throw a New Year’s Eve hoedown! The streets come alive with lively ceilidh dances, where locals and visitors join hands in spirited reels. Bagpipers add a touch of tradition to the festivities, echoing through the charming streets as everyone counts down to the magic moment. It’s a celebration that seamlessly blends old-world charm with contemporary revelry.



Eswatini ushers in the New Year with a unique blend of tradition and community spirit. Candlelit processions wind through the streets, creating a mesmerizing display of light and unity. Our mission partners in Eswatini emphasize the importance of coming together as a community to reflect on the past and embrace the possibilities of the future. It’s a night of shared moments and heartfelt connections.



In Guatemala, New Year’s Eve is a kaleidoscope of color and sound. Fireworks illuminate the sky, creating a dazzling spectacle that mirrors the vibrant culture of the country. Festive parades wind through the streets, showcasing traditional costumes, music, and dance. 


Costa Rica

Costa Rica welcomes the New Year with the sound of waves crashing on sandy shores and the laughter of beachside revelers. Parties unfold along the coastline, featuring live music, tropical drinks, and the spirit of “Pura Vida.” As the clock nears midnight, locals and visitors alike raise their glasses for a midnight toast, marking the beginning of a year filled with adventure, joy, and the beauty of Costa Rican hospitality.


As we hop from one corner of the globe to another and observe different traditions, we are grateful that the Lord brings us all together for a common purpose. We are so excited to see how His big plans unfold this year. Happy New Year from our global family to yours!