Over 1.5 million citizens of the United States go on a short-term mission trip every year. That’s a lot of people! And, mission trips aren’t just something you randomly decide to squeeze into your schedule. They take lots of prayer, time, and money to make happen. So, why are so many people each year choosing to make the sacrifices and go on a mission trip? Because it’s worth it. 

Forming Relationships with Christians Around the World

One of the most significant benefits of participating in a short-term mission trip is the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with fellow Christians from around the world. Mission trips often involve visiting churches, communities, and organizations in foreign countries, where participants can connect with local believers. It is astonishing to be able to see the power of the gospel unite followers from completely different cultures. Even though Christians can live in completely different places with different customs and traditions, Jesus gives them so much to have in common. 

Meeting people from diverse backgrounds and witnessing their faith firsthand can be a profoundly enriching experience. It allows participants to gain a deeper understanding of the global body of Christ and fosters a sense of unity among believers. Such relationships often last long after the mission trip ends, providing a lasting connection and support system across continents.

Fulfilling God’s Commandments

Short-term mission trips provide an avenue to fulfill the commandments of Jesus, who urged his followers to love their neighbors and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 22:39, Matthew 28:19-20). These trips embody the Great Commission, offering a practical way to share the message of Christ with people in need.

By reaching out to faraway communities, mission trip participants actively spread the gospel and offer hope to those who may have never heard the Good News. This act of obedience to Christ’s commandments not only impacts the lives of those served but also deepens the faith and commitment of the individuals who undertake the journey.

Feeling Convicted

Another compelling reason people choose to go on mission trips is the desire to respond to the needs of hurting individuals and communities. Whether it’s providing medical care in underserved areas, assisting with disaster relief, or supporting orphanages and schools, mission trips offer a tangible way to make a positive impact on the lives of those facing adversity.

Many individuals are motivated by a sense of conviction, a deep inner calling to address the suffering and injustices they witness in the world. This conviction drives them to take action, and mission trips provide a structured and organized platform to channel their compassion and commitment into meaningful change.

Personal Transformation

Perhaps one of the most profound aspects of participating in a short-term mission trip is the transformation it brings about in the volunteers themselves. While the primary purpose may be to serve others, participants often find that they are equally transformed by the experience.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone and immersing oneself in a different culture can be a profoundly humbling and eye-opening experience. It challenges preconceived notions, broadens perspectives, and deepens empathy. Many individuals return from mission trips with a heightened sense of gratitude, a renewed faith, and a stronger desire to make a positive impact in their communities.

This personal growth experienced on a mission trip often extends beyond the individual. When the volunteer returns home family and friends typically notice their loved one’s transformation, and they want to be a part of that as well. 

Growing Closer to Christ

A big part of that personal transformation is growing closer to Christ. By following Him into communities that He is already present in and partnering with Him in the work He is already doing, mission trip volunteers get to see the power of Christ in a way like none other. Volunteers not only get to hear testimonies of God’s faithfulness over and over again throughout their mission trip, but in times of stepping out of their comfort zone, they are also forced to lean on Him in new ways. 

In a world that can sometimes seem divided and disconnected, short-term mission trips offer a powerful counter-narrative of unity, compassion, and transformation. The decision to go on a mission trip is never made lightly, as it requires considerable dedication in terms of time, money, and prayer. However, the rewards far outweigh the sacrifices.

Mission trips enable participants to form lasting relationships with Christians worldwide, fulfill God’s commandments, respond to the needs of hurting people, and undergo personal transformation. These experiences not only impact the lives of those served but also leave a mark on the hearts and minds of those who go on these journeys.

So, if you’ve ever considered going on a mission trip or are wondering why so many choose to do so, remember this: It’s about more than just a trip; it’s about making a meaningful difference in the world and being transformed in the process. Ultimately, the decision to go on a mission trip is a testament to the enduring power of faith, compassion, and the belief that, indeed, it’s worth it.