Going home

By |2023-10-18T12:44:32-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Luke 5:11 “As soon as they landed, they left everything and followed Jesus.” You may be too busy to read this today but most of us need to read this anyway. Why? Because going home and remembering is the hardest part of [...]

Final day

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Read Luke 5:11 Being here on the mission field this week, so far away from what is “normal” and “familiar” in your life can feel a little bit like being on a ship deep at sea. A sailor can forget what it [...]


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Read Luke 5:4-7 Simon was an expert in fishing. He knew all there was to know about it! He’d been a fisherman his whole life, but the knowledge he had gained from a lifetime spent on the water was no help. They [...]

Being Heard

By |2023-10-18T12:55:01-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Luke 5:1-3 Have you ever thought about how Jesus was heard when He spoke to the multitudes? These were very large crowds that gathered around Him, and they wanted to hear His words. Now remember, electricity hadn’t been discovered yet, so [...]

Pressing in

By |2023-10-18T12:58:18-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Luke 5:1-3 “On one occasion, while the crowd was pressing in on Him to hear the word of God…” We are constantly “pressing in” (making things priorities). Some will “press in” by waiting in line at Best Buy to get the [...]

If you want to…

By |2023-10-18T13:01:21-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Luke 5:12-13 In Luke 5:12-13 we find the story of a man with the skin disease, leprosy. In the eyes of most, this made him “unclean” and a social outcast. Aware of this, the leper approached Jesus, fell on his face, [...]

Pushing out into the Deep

By |2023-10-18T13:04:03-04:00September 15, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Luke 5 Have you ever worked really hard on something only for it to fall through? Maybe you studied really hard for a test and failed, or perhaps there is a friendship that you have put a lot of effort into [...]

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